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Align Your Trades With the News and Never Miss a Major Move Again

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Trading Unaware of the News? You’re Better Off Gambling Away Your life-savings…

Can you believe there are traders not aware of how the news influences the market? Or worse, some traders know it well, but still decide to ignore them. And that could be for a series of reasons:

  • They totally forget relevant data is coming out and they miss the chance to capitalize a big move, so they just give up on trading the news

  • They don’t forget: they set up a 4th screen or a laptop with a browser open on it, but in the heat of the moment they forget it was even there, and they suffer a big loss even if they knew important data was coming out

  • They consider that finding the relevant news that actually matters in the decision-making process is a sink of time & energy

But if you’re one the traders that truly understand how the market works, you know that after a data release comes out, there’s a small opportunity-window in which you can act and maximize your profits. But that’s the thing: the window is small, and you’re going to need flawless timing to not blow up your chance.

SupraNews is a tool specifically created to keep your focus in the right place and minimize your reaction time. With on-screen indicators, you won’t need to set up another screen or a laptop to see if the news is going to trigger a big move, or what the market is going to prioritize that day.

They are Trading the News and Making profits thanks to SupraNews

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"I might actually cry a little. I'm not afraid to admit it."

Up $7,107.50 today. Trading same sizes as yesterday. The CL (Crude Oil) and GC (Gold) contracts are $1,000 margin per so we only did 25 contracts of those. 2 tp (take profit) levels at 4 and 6 ticks. Move 1 past BE (break-even) at touch of first TP (take profit) level. +23k in 2 days. Wow.

Don't let this stuff out for that little. Talk about over delivering, I might actually cry a little. I'm not afraid to admit it.

C. Stewart

*** Results may vary ***

"Making money while you sleep"

Made $475 overnight. Set my acceptable risk and profit targets in advance. Placed my trading level with Supra software. Always wanted to make money in my sleep and thanks to Supra I just did!

C. Childs
*** Results may vary ***

"Talk about value-packed and over delivering"

Winning day %: 67.
Average winning trade: $228.69.
Average losing trade: -$85.83.
Best day: $1,320.40. Worst day: -$587."
K. Childs

*** Results may vary ***

It’s Not An Opinion, It’s a Fact…

News not only influences the market, but is often the biggest drive to price changes. No matter in which way the market moves, you need to be aware of the news to either minimize your losses or maximize your profits.

No more wasting your time hunting the relevant info: SupraNews is the only tool you’ll need to never take your eyes off the charts and still be able to align your trades with the news.

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