Trading Supra EdgeMinder (Monthly)

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Levels are like a map when you’re hiking. The map will tell you when to make decisions in either direction—taking into account all factors that will get you from A to B most efficiently.

A lot of people have asked me for these levels and how they can get them. I actually used to send out these levels on a daily basis to an inner circle of friends and high ticket clients until recently.

Now, I’ve created a tool called EdgeMinder… which is all about minding your edge. 🙂 Only the right edge will give you that extra advantage. I input the levels that we use for a number of instruments and if you have it installed you can use them just like we do.

That’s right—it will display the levels set by our top experienced prop traders of the day and you will get them right into your own chart live when we plot them. You will be able to wake up. Get your coffee. Let the session open. Then BOOM your levels automatically appear.

Sounds too easy? It is.

You can automatically see the instruments that we are currently trading and open the charts right there with the levels you need to successfully trade that day.


NinjaTrader® is our preferred Trading platform.

Kinetick® is our preferred data service for use with NinjaTrader.


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