Trading Supra Tradulator (Yearly)

$5,964.00 / year

Order-flow based trades are one of the best ways to not only time your entry but also to have surprisingly low risk as well.

One of the most successful traders I know used to do this when he traded on the floor at the CME back in the 90’s. He taught me how to perfect the wait needed in order to pull off a lower risk Order-Flow entry.

First, he’d let the market nearly reverse, waiting for when the pit reached a fever pitch. Then, at maximum desperation he was more than happy to take all the positions his fellow pit traders were begging to exit. He perfected, then scaled the

Order-Flow entry and over the years consistently did better than the competition.

The Order-Flow Entry principles and tactics he used are built into SUPRA’s proprietary Tradulator!

It’s easy to control and gets fills instantly as conditions are met in today’s electronic “pits”.

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