Automate Your Trades Using Pre-Determined Support & Resistance Levels to
Stop Second-Guessing Your Calls and
Generate Constant Low-Risk, High-Reward Profits

​Find new opportunities and automate your trades even if you aren’t a seasoned trader.

Most Traders Live Uncertain of What Levels to Trade...

What Their Entries, Stop Placements, and Exit Points Should Be...
and Unaware of Low-Risk Opportunities They Could Capitalize...
Virtually EVERY Week

Tell me if this statement is correct: “the dream of every day trader is having access to the best, most profitable deals at the lowest (or nonexistent) risk.”

You and I know that isn’t possible.
There are traders who enter this life knowing nothing about the markets and what influences them. They all share the same insecurities and frustrations...
...spending hours hunting and guessing where to trade and when
...insecure and second-guessing every single move, never knowing if what’s in front of them is a real trend, a correction, or just a rebound

...always reading articles about frequent “patterns” & “events” that drive price changes, but getting frustrated because they can’t see them for themselves

...overthinking every single entry and exit point and taking decisions a-little-bit-too-late, losing money or missing on making more

Now, every inexperienced trader starts like that, and it’s not wrong— in fact, it’s quite normal.
The smart traders sharpen their skills with time. They improve their timing, learn to detect the most profitable entries & exits, and start to see patterns to end up always winning, or losing the smallest amount possible.
Some say that it’s a natural talent. I say it’s just practice.

Now, you have the “other” traders. Either because they don’t have all the time in the world, or are learning from the wrong resources, they never have the chance to take a step back to analyze their decisions and outcomes for future improvement.

So, even if they’ve been trading for years, they are still suffering, never knowing what it feels like to trade effortlessly, with confidence and accuracy.

I don’t want to scare you, there’s already a ton of misinformation about trading being the most dangerous thing you could possibly try in your life. I believe that everyone is capable of making a life doing this, with the right knowledge and the right set of tools.

However that risk is still here. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or been doing this for a while, if you are trading and feel the same frustrations I mentioned above, you are just setting yourself for big, costly mistakes that could drain your bank account and ruin your trading career.

What you’re going to find here is a set of tools created specifically to minimize your trade’s risks, find recurring profitable opportunities, know exactly what levels you should be using, and automating your trades so you can prevent arriving “a few seconds too late”.

Let me introduce you to…

​The SUPRA-Radar Trading Bundle

Discover when to act, set the right levels,

and automate your processes for

recurring, low-risk profitable trades.

Three tools that complement each other to enhance your outlook on the market and help you leverage more profitable opportunities

​Align your trades with the news to find recurring low-risk opportunities

SupraNews will tell you exactly when relevant information is coming out. Most traders aren’t aware of scheduled news releases: information that is disclosed and made public every single week. Each time this data sees the light, there are sudden price changes. You only have a few moments, but if you act following the indicators SupraNews gives you, your timing will be perfect and you are going to ramp up your access to more & greater opportunities.

​Set the correct levels and never wonder where to trade again

EdgeMinder will allow you to see the estimated support & resistance levels our top traders plot each morning and use for all our trades. By just looking at your chart, you will have a clear idea of how far the price is going to go, so you can easily determine when to buy and when to sell. I use these levels, my team uses them, and until a few weeks ago, only a handful of money managers and proprietary firm traders (who happen to be clients of mine) also used them.

Now they are finally available for everyone, and you will find that you can take maximum advantage out of them if you also...

These two are already enough to give you a superb edge and improve your trading skills like a pro-level Master Trader. However, you can still further minimize any chance of risk and second-guessing—that’s why I want you to…

​Automate your fills and never enter or exit late again

Tradulator is our own “goose of the golden eggs”. You see, this is not just an Add-On: Tradulator’s algorithm analyzes real time order flow, and when an imbalance is found in your favor, it will automatically fill the order, place stop and profit order automagically!. This tool will take all the weight out of your shoulders and you’ll never stare at your screen paralyzed, deciding if it’s the right time to act or you should wait  for more “confirmation signals” (aren’t you tired of that routine?).

The SUPRA-Radar Trading Bundle is the perfect set of tools to find more trade opportunities, at the lowest risk possible

With your monthly payment, you will have access to these three tools for a month at the time. These add-ons are easy to install and configure **especially with our FREE Bonus - see below**. All the alerts, all the indicators, and everything you need to capitalize on opportunities will be right where you need it: on your screen. And you will also have access to our support team for any quick-fix you need to keep working your opportunities.

  • Tradulator: Find order imbalances and automate your fills at levels you set beforehand. 
  • SupraNews: Take advantage of scheduled data releases to find recurrent news-based opportunities. 
  • EdgeMinder: Know exactly what support & resistance levels you should expect each single day.
  • Free membership: One of the most valuable trading community on the Internet. Find other traders sharing success stories and lessons you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Join my trade room on a daily basis where I do live trades. 

Bonus Gift

These add-ons are super easy to install and configure by themselves, but if you aren’t that “tech savvy” and need a helping hand doing it, pay close attention to this next part because...

With your purchase of the SupraRadar Trading Bundle, you will also get access to…

The SUPRA-Academy for Traders

At some point I realized that if I wanted to help everyone to become the best trader they can possibly be, I would have to lend them my brain.

Since that is impossible, the closest thing I found was to make weekly 1-hour online classes. All my 23 years of knowledge are condensed in this course, and it’s probably the most complete course about order-flow you’ll ever find.

In this online course you will learn:

  1. 1
    The strategies I use for my trades with real-time demonstrations: of your product here. You will get inside my computer and together we will not only watch recordings of live trades, but also analyze step-by-step why I took every decision, entry or exit, and stop placement.
  2. 2

    How to add new tools and techniques to your trades:

    If you want to get on top of your game, you must always be improving. If you feel like your current approach is getting old or are just looking for some fresh techniques to use, the SUPRA-Academy will give you the new insights you need to level up your trading game.
  3. 3

    Deep understanding of trading strategies and when to use them:

    Trend trading, throwback, pullback… you’ve probably heard of some of these terms at some point. We are going to talk about them (and many more) so you can learn how & when to use them to find and leverage more trading opportunities.

Get instant access to The SUPRA-Radar Trading Bundle now!

The perfect set of tools to find more trade opportunities, at the lowest risk possible. 

What our customers are saying:

"I might actually cry a little. I'm not afraid to admit it."

Up $7,107.50 today. Trading same sizes as yesterday. The CL (Crude Oil) and GC (Gold) contracts are $1,000 margin per so we only did 25 contracts of those. 2 tp (take profit) levels at 4 and 6 ticks. Move 1 past BE (break-even) at touch of first TP (take profit) level. +23k in 2 days. Wow.

C. Stewart  //  Trader

"Making money while you sleep"

Made $475 overnight. Set my acceptable risk and profit targets in advance. Placed my trading level with Supra software. Always wanted to make money in my sleep and thanks to Supra I just did!

C. Childs //  Trader

They’ve Been Trading Using our Tools…

Every single of our customers report an enhancement in their skills and an improvement in their confidence. Our most common compliment is how they are now able to see what are the priorities of the market and how easy it is to find patterns to decide their next move.

I had my best day yet today! 

Everything was really moving. Even though it's early I more than hit my number so decided to call it for the day and end the week on a great note

William R  //  Trader

 Ended up overall yesterday around $700, so not too bad” 

The tradulator bundle really kicks a$$. 

Don B  //  Trader

No one is born an expert,
and I was no exception…

My name is Jared Putnam. I made my first futures trade way back in 1997, and since then I did a number of things, including managing investment growth accounts, trading at proprietary firms, and specialized order-flow consulting in particularly Futures, Options and Equity markets.

As every trader knows, there are periods where the highs make you feel trading-king of the world, but the lows are so low you feel like your bank account could be empty at the blink of an eye. 

After multiple accounts blow-outs, a number of near-misses, and several costly mistakes, I had a few key realizations.

One of my mentors once told me “you’re never going to get a sign that shows up on your screen and says: NOW IS THE TIME TO ENTER”. I agreed with him, but something in the back of my head was saying “I don’t believe that’s true”.

There had to be something, some kind of structure or consistent element that made that knowledge accessible.

I was introduced to an order-flow perspective in 2005, and everything came together like pieces in a puzzle. I focused my attention in understanding chart patterns, fibonacci elements, and statistical arbitrage to create high-performance algorithms and profitable long-term trading strategies.

After 23 years of experience, I am now a specialized consultant and the head of TradingSUPRA. My only mission is to help traders all over the world transform their small accounts into bigger ones so they and their loved ones can achieve a better life and the financial security they deserve.

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Our 100% Satisfaction
“If The Machine Doesn’t, the Human Will”

If for any reason you can’t properly use or set up our software, it doesn’t improve your win percentage, or doesn’t help you find more trading opportunities, we’ll give you a weekly 1-hour consultation call for three months with our founder Jared Putnam.  “My only goal is to help you: the small yet smart trader. I don’t help those big fishes—you already know who I am talking about. They don’t need any help, I know it first hand.

If you show me that you found our strategies obsolete, or found our tools impossible to use, We’ll have a weekly web conference, for three months. We’ll talk for one hour about anything you want: your life, your kids, your dreams, your feelings… but if you are the kind of person I think you are, the only thing we gonna talk about is the only thing I excel at: TRADING (and remember, I’ve been doing this for 23 years, so I can give you some juicy advice).

I usually charge $2,500 per month for doing that, but I’ll do this for you in order to help you succeed in the long-term.”

Jared Putnam

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